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Pauline is a super nice teacher, very prepared with plans what to focus on and how to structure the lesson. She is very nice to talk to and will guide you through the lesson very well. It shows that she is a professional teacher, with flexibility and focus on reaching students goals.

Michal H.

Always so happy with every lesson! Such a great teacher!!!! Merci Pauline!

Awa D.

I just finished my lesson with Pauline, I liked it a lot. She is extremely flexible and resourceful, we managed to define a roadmap for my journey of learning French together, she understood my needs and came up with meaningful suggestions. I will continue learning with her.

Arash Golnam

Pauline is a great teacher and she is a very nice, friendly person. She is straightforward about her methodology, she customizes the lessons to every student and is very open to discussion. 


Merci encore, Pauline.  Je suis toujours enthousiaste de te parler – chaque conversation est tellement intéressante et agréable. Il n’y a pas assez de personnes qui veulent parler de ces sujets qui m’intéressent de philosophie, mais ces conversations se passent facilement avec toi. Et tout en apprennant le français !  Merci aussi pour les corrections, je vois maintenant des fautes que je fais souvent, et ça m’aidera beaucoup.

Andrew K.

A professora explicou seu método de trabalho e fizemos um planejamento de aulas preparatórias para o Delf B2. Era exatamente o que eu queria. 

Marilia C.

Pauline is a great teacher, I’m really enjoying the variety of the lessons!

Irina Z.

Pauline was excellent. Very helpful and likable. Thank you Pauline.


Pauline is friendly and professional. I have enjoyed all our conversations and learnt many new words. Thanks you!  

Arabella W.

Pauline est très gentille et même si tu es nerveux, elle rend la conversation très fluide. 

Bruno P.

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  1. Patricia B Kelemenis

    Pauline is gifted French teacher. She is always prepared, positive and encouraging. I felt that she was as invested in my language learning and success as I was. She worked hard to prepare me for my DELF exams; giving me honest feedback, training me for all possible scenarios, and providing tools to make the learning process effective but enjoyable. Thank you so much for your support, Pauline. I’m so happy with my test scores and can honestly say that I owe them to your wonderful teaching!

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